Master in Finance, Auditing, Controlling, Taxation

The FACT Master’s degree program is a full-time interdisciplinary degree program in finance, auditing, controlling and taxation that lasts two years.

The degree program builds on solid basic knowledge of these subjects and enables students to choose their own specializations according to their interests. This is made possible through a wide range of specialization options with an interdisciplinary focus that students can combine in a variety of ways.

The Master’s degree program also helps students to prepare for the state examinations for tax advisors. Students acquire academic knowledge with a high level of practical relevance. Traditional teaching methods are complemented by a range of case studies, projects, field trips and workshops with partners in industry.

This degree program is taught in German. Therefore, a good knowledge of German is an essential prerequisite to successfully completing the degree program. Proof of German language proficiency at DSH 2 level or equivalent is required for admission.

For further information, please visit the degree program’s website.