Master in Management

The study program provides a holistic understanding of the tasks and instruments of management from market and resource-oriented perspectives. It demonstrates how the value creation and market-oriented actions of companies are influenced by different management processes. Students learn to solve practical management problems using scientific methods. Internationality is a constitutive feature of modern management. In this respect, the entire program is internationally oriented and can be studied entirely in German or in English (or in a mixture of both). In addition, the FAU offers partner programs with outstanding universities abroad.

Course of studies

The program (120 ECTS) has a standard duration of four semesters and consists of a compulsory area (35 ECTS), an elective area (55 ECTS) and the master thesis (30 ECTS). While the compulsory area ensures the teaching of the holistic perspective of management, the elective area enables students to specialize in one or more application areas of management. The chosen specialization serves the students to sharpen their profile with regard to a desired future professional field.

Compulsory area

The compulsory area is composed of three parts.

In the first part, “Management Foundations” (20 ECTS), the courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the tasks and instruments of management from a market and resource-oriented perspective. Students have the opportunity to choose four out of eight modules to strengthen their knowledge and foundations of management.

In the second part “Finance & Controlling” (5 ECTS), students choose one out of four modules to enhance their financial knowledge in the context of management.

In the third part “Project, Presentation & Team skills” (10 ECTS), students apply the theory taught in other courses in a practical way. From a variety of modules, students choose two modules, some of which take place together with different cooperation partners from practice.


In order to prepare for specific management tasks, students can set individual foci in the elective area. Students can freely choose a total of eleven modules (55 ECTS) from different disciplines in the elective area and combine them according to their individual preferences. For thematic specialization, the modules are combined into the following module groups:

  • Strategic management & International business
  • Value creation & Digital transformation
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Financial management
  • Health care management
  • Marketing management
  • Supply chain management
  • Sustainable & responsible management
  • Management research.

If at least four modules (20 ECTS) from one module group are completed, the specialization undertaken is shown as a focus in the degree certificate. Students who prefer a generalist study program and do not want to specialize have the possibility to freely choose the entire 55 ECTS of the elective modules and to combine modules from different specialization areas.

Further information on the degree program can be found on the website of the School of Business, Economics and Society as well as on the website of the degree program.